BLOSSOM MY EYE SERUM that makes our eyes beautiful, brighter, and energetic.



  • Tightens skin around the eyes.
  • Eliminate dark circles.
  • Softens the texture of the skin.
  • Eliminates eye bags and swelling of eyes.
  • Hydrate the skin.
  • Protecting skin cells plays an important role in maintaining elasticity.
  • Revitalize and keep the skin looking youthful.
  • Little Baby Blossom My Eye Balm is the eye balm to prevent swelling, treat bruised eyes, reduce dryness, add moisture, and help nourish skin around the eyes to be moisturized, clear, smooth, not swollen, and not dull. With valuable Grape Extract of STIMUTEX® -AS which is a natural plant extract, it has properties to help soothe skin, moisturize skin, and prevent water loss. So it helps to protect skin from dryness effectively. STEARYL GLYCYRRHETINATE which is a natural extract obtained from Licorice has properties to help calm skin gently. It is the best assistance to revitalize skin around your eyes. Just apply onto the wrinkly area. It readily provides the beauty and glow to skin around your eyes to be fresh, bright, and healthy again.Blossom My Eye Balm By Little BabyBlossom My Eye Balm By Little BabyBlossom My Eye Balm By Little Baby
  • Content: 10 g

    FDA Registration Number: 73-1-6300014058