Boom Gluta Shots Instant Powder Absorbed Anti-Oxidant Booster Radiant Whitening

BOOM Glutathione, New Innovation, Melts in the Mouth, Highly Satisfactory,

in fact the world has a higher temperature every year Inevitably exposing us to UV rays from the sun and air pollution. which cause damage to the skin, such as: dark spots, wrinkles, and freckles, That’s where the internal protection solution comes in with the Boom Gluta Shots dietary supplement.

Containing key ingredients FIR Glutathione Complex. Best skin food of the year. Received an award from “Seoul International Invention Fair 2020” in Seoul, South Korea And innovative That makes the skin 250% whiter than general Glutamne.

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Boom Gluta ShotsContains the essential ingredients of the best skin foods (Total 20 kinds)

Pine bark extract

Help protect the skin from the sun. Reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Grape skin extract

Reduces inflammation Prevent fat clogging arteries.

Rosemary extract

Helps prevent skin aggravation, reduce acne Reduce premature aging

Pineapple powder

Help to coat the skin. To keep water under Skin to keep the skin firm and moist.

Vit. C, Ascorbic acid

Help protect the skin from Break of sunlight


Help creatingglutathione, creatine and collagen.

L-Cysteine Hydrochloride

Inhibits enzymes Pigmentation is reduced

Along with 20 important nutrients that help promote 6 mechanisms of white skin formation. and good health

  1. Tyrosinase Inhibitor inhibits the activity of Tyrosinse
  2. Glutathione precursor promotes glutathione production
  3. Glutathione Booster enhances glutathione performance
  4. Melasma prevents blemishes, freckles, dark spots and uneven skin tone.
  5. Sun block, protects the skin from sun damage.
  6. Antioxidant booster enhances efficiency. Antioxidants to protect skin cells

Key Ingredients

– L-cysteine hydrochloride

– Sea Buckthorn powder

– Lychee extract

– Gac Extract

– Maqui berry extract

– Pineapple powder

– Grape Skin Extract

– Soybean protein Isolate

Direction of use

Just tear the sachet and pour it into your mouth. It can be taken immediately with or without mixing with water or any other drinks. You can take it on an empty stomach, morning, lunch and evening.


Each box contain 15 sachets, 45 g

Certified, Vegan


Keep out of the reach of children, consult with your healthcare provider before using with infants, children, or if you are pregnant, or nursing.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Legal Disclaimer

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Product of Thailand